Cargloss Paint

PT. MURNI CAHAYA PRATAMA (MCP) under its trade name Cargloss Paint, is a manufacturer and marketer of paints that protect, maintain and enhance the visual appearance of many automotive products in the Indonesian market.

Besides shape, the exterior finish is the first thing a consumer sees when looking at a vehicle. The quality and durability of the finish is a reflection of the quality and durability of the vehicle it self. Through a wide array of colors and effects, Cargloss offers the chance to refresh and customize vehicles at a relatively low cost while providing the quality and durability to protect and maintain the vehicle's value.

Our paints are produced to the highest quality standards, and we are committed to provide innovative product solutions that satisfy the needs of our customers today and into the future.

Cargloss has been keeping pace with the rapid domestic automotive industry growth in Indonesia for more than 25 years. In result, Cargloss has obtained some distance as a leading national company in manufacturing paints for automotive industry.

December 20th, 1985