• Cargloss Factory Main Building

    Cargloss Factory Main Building

  • Helmet Assembly

    Helmet Assembly

  • Cargloss helmet factory

    Cargloss helmet factory

  • Helmet injection

    Helmet injection

  • Family Gathering 2018

    Family Gathering 2018

  • Cargloss Team Building Development Villa Indah Hambalang 31 Juli 2015

    Cargloss Team Building Development Villa Indah Hambalang 31 Juli 2015

  • Training Hydrant

    Training Hydrant

  • Safety Riding

    Safety Riding

  • New Paint Factory Plan

    New Paint Factory Plan

Safety Riding

19 September 2018





Cargloss Paint

PaintPT. MURNI CAHAYA PRATAMA (MCP) under its trade name Cargloss Paint, is a manufacturer and marketer of paints that protect, maintain and enhance the visual appearance of many automotive products in the Indonesian market. Besides shape, the exterior finish is the first thing a consumer sees when looking at a vehicle.
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Cargloss Coating

CoatingCoating is a layer that is applied to the surface of a vehicle surface, in many cases caotings are applied to improve surface properties of the material, such as appearance, adhesion, corrosion resistance, and scratch resistance. Painting and coating processes involve the application of a thin cover of functional substance to a surface,
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Cargloss Injection

InjectionPT. MEGA KARYA MANDIRI (MKM) Under its trade name Cargloss Coating previously in December 10th, 1989, it was a division of PT. MURNI CAHAYA PRATAMA. As the business growing, the division needs some fresh changes. In December 10th, 2004 it was established as an independent company.
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Cargloss Engineering

EngineeringEquipped with experience for over 25 years, Cargloss has become the expert ini determining certain requirement in painting process. To produce good results not only requiring a good basic knowledge about the paint itself, but should recognize the proper use of tools in making application for the use of painting can be more effective and perfect results can be achieved.
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